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SLCT Times Winter 2014-2015

CONTENTS: Music show – “Harmonies”, Nine new members, GAFFGUN purchase, MPEG standards, BOD Bio, Tom Kennedy

SLCT Times Autumn 2014

CONTENTS: Company report. Elections. New Member: Stephen A. Ware.  DROBO

SLCT Times Summer 2014

CONTENTS: Chocksett play recorded, budget approved; New Members:Nicholas Montour, Walker Emmett Babich; Now on social media, Slyder Dolly.

SLCT Times May/June 2014

CONTENTS: Community Annual Meeting recording; New Members: Michael Smith, Ann Simons, Rebecca Powers;Compact Flash

SLCT Times April 2014

CONTENTS: Status update, multiple productions, NLE

SLCT Times March 2014

CONTENTS: New shows, new volunteer – Barbara Bartlett, Audio mixer.

SLCT Times, February 2014

CONTENTS: Studio, new shows, teleprompter, new volunteers – Sean and Tyler Montaquila, BOD Bio -Greg Billings.

SLCT Times, January 2014

CONTENTS: New cameras, new volunteer – Ken Troup, BOD Bio -Joe Mule.

SLCT Times, November 2013

CONTENTS: New SLCT sign in Lancaster, new volunteer – Emir  Meyer, BOD Bio -Joe Gunther.

SLCT Times, October 2013

CONTENTS: Summer concerts, new volunteer-Sven, wireless AV system, Par Light, BOD Bio-Arthur Coughlin.

SLCT Times, September 2013

CONTENTS: Bolton collaboration, PA at Farmer’s Market, new volunteer-Arthur, Broadcast Pix, GoPro, BOD Bio-John Ledoux.

SLCT Times, April, 2013

CONTENTS: 2000 showing, inventory, new volunteers-Jacob & Terry, China Balls, BOD Bio-Dick Maki