Submission Guidelines for Bulletin Board

What is the bulletin board?

The bulletin board on Channels 8 and 99 is a mechanism for the airing of public announcements or messages that are non-commercial and deemed to be informational to Sterling/Lancaster residents. These messages include:

    1. The announcement of events or services sponsored or conducted by governmental, educational or non-profit community groups or organizations.

    2. Organizations from neighboring communities may be placed on the bulletin board if programming and editing time permit.

What rules apply when submitting?

  • Announcements may be transmitted electronically for approval by SLCT to or through our contact form.

  • All requests must be received at least two weeks prior to the requested air start date. Acceptance is solely at the discretion of SLCT.

  • All messages should include the name of the event (ex. – a spring bazaar and luncheon) or service (ex.-flu shots), the name of the sponsoring organization, date, time, location, costs and contact person, phone number and website

  • All notices must be approved by SLCT or its designee.

  • SLCT reserves the right to edit any such message.

  • Personal ads will not be accepted.

  • Ads for political campaigns will not be accepted.

  • Announcements may not contain references to:

    • Lotteries or bingo games; or

    • Alcoholic beverages or cash/open bars.

  • Meetings of non-profit, non-governmental groups may be announced; however announcements of internal organization meetings (ex.- a finance committee of XYZ Club) will not be carried.

  • The design of the screen including the colors, character fonts, style and layout of the announcement will be decided by SLCT.

  • SLCT has the right to reject any message deemed not to be in conformance with these policies and procedures or the mission of SLCT.

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